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Bridging the gap between technology and music

Become a Creative Pro in a Hybrid World

Hello, Hybrid World!

We've seen the future of the music industry, and it is hybrid. Technology takes the inspiring lead, and advanced digital skills are increasingly crucial for creative success for performing artists, creatives, tech pros, and the music venues they operate in.

Enter Hybrid Music Vibes, hosted by Effenaar Lab. Here, you explore how to amplify your sonic skills, knowledge, and surroundings through technology.

Technology X Music

The hard-hitting impact of tech

The way music is created, performed, and experienced is rapidly changing. Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) keep on unlocking new, promising possibilities that hold boosting power for the current and future creative pros and the venues hosting them.

Show Yourself in a Hybrid World

Do you have what it takes to become that creative pro of the future? Discover, gain, and apply the essential skills that build your hybrid presence, front- and backstage.

Program set up

The Hybrid Music Vibes program is split into five phases:

1. Expert talks

Pick the fascinating brains of industry pundits and thought leaders at inspirational expert talks.

2. Workshops

Discover and learn to apply the skills that help you launch in a hybrid world.

3. Connect, Concept, Create

Connect to the right experts to bring your concepts and ideas to life in that hybrid world.

4. Production

Turn your concept into creation with the inspiring help of tech partners and experts.

5. Presentation

Present the final fruits of your artistic labour in an engaging session.

Artist Stories

Listen to the artists' stories, experience their end-products, and discover how Hybrid Music Vibes helped them bridge the gap.

Key Learnings and Insights

Hybrid Music Vibes conducts ongoing research, including interviews and surveys, among its participants and tech partners to get an understanding of the program’s impact. This results in the following key learnings:

Learn: Artists, when having an open mind, quickly develop an understanding of technological possibilities thanks to the structured program format.

Inspire: Examples of artists already using new technologies inspire how technology can contribute to artistic practices.

Skills: Giving artists access to technology and guidance from tech experts enhances artists’ understanding of technological possibilities and empower them to take the lead in development.

Collaboration: Collaboration across diverse disciplines is mutually beneficial and positively challenges tech partners and artists which results in new applications of technology.

Hub: To sustainably implement new technologies in creative practices, a dedicated platform that unites diverse parties to learn, experiment and develop, is crucial.

Hybrid Music Vibes is a testament to the power of collaboration, technological exploration, and creative development, shaping the future of the music industry. It underscores the value of a framework facilitating collaboration between artists, tech experts and institutes like the Effenaar. Discover more of the program’s learnings and insights in depth here. 

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